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Honestly, doing laundry can be pretty tedious. It’s not the absolute most terrible household task (that award goes to cleaning the bathroom, or scrubbing a dirty floor, maybe) but it’s not always something we want to do. Although I will say that snuggling up to a pile of warm, clean clothes fresh out of the dryer isn’t the worst feeling in the world…

But there are ways to make it a lot more enjoyable. You can listen to fun music or podcasts while you work! You can reward yourself afterward for your hard work with something you love, like ice cream, or online shopping! And one of the absolute best ways to transform the task of doing laundry into a—dare I say—fun experience is to make your laundry room a pleasant place to be. So many of us have beautiful, thoughtfully decorated homes, but our laundry rooms get neglected and end up damp or dusty, with peeling paint and storage for various neglected items. But not only is it possible to have a clean, organized laundry room, it can even be a pretty and cozy space.

Even before Lauren McBride updated her laundry room, it was gorgeous, impressively clean, and bright. 

Laundry Room Before Photo Laundry Room Before Photo


But the addition of WallsNeedLove’s Sketch Floral Removable Wallpaper took the space to a whole new level. It’s a feminine, yet modern and minimalist backdrop that enhanced the feel of the rest of the room. It’s not hard to imagine looking forward to doing laundry in a space this thoughtfully decorated. Plus, it would be a lot easier to keep clean and organized because the end result is so visually appealing.



The other thing that’s great about this update is that as big a transformation as it was, it wasn’t a huge amount of work. Standard wallpapers require lots of effort and even professional installation, but WNL’s removable wallpaper is a whole different ball game. It’s quick and easy to install, and it’s not even a permanent commitment since it’s so easy to remove and reuse.

The inspiration

Here was Lauren’s rationale for this amazing, yet incredibly simple makeover: “I really wanted to give this small space a little more life, and loved the idea of adding a simple Sketch Floral wallpaper to the laundry alcove. It makes a statement without being overdone, and it almost makes me actually enjoy doing the laundry!”


Sketch Floral Wallpaper in Laundry Room Sketch Floral Wallpaper in Laundry Room

This was a major change that completely transformed the space! But that doesn’t mean it was hard. In fact, here’s how easy it is to add the removable wallpaper: Lauren didn’t even remove the existing shelving in the room before she put it up. She just cut the wallpaper to fit around the shelves. And any mistakes made are easily fixed by lifting up and placing the wallpaper back down until it’s perfect.

Want to learn more about the details of this laundry room makeover? Read Lauren McBride’s blog post on the subject.


The gal behind this total room transformation


Connecticut life and style blogger Lauren McBride enjoys creating functional, family-friendly spaces in her home for her family of 5.

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Written by Nina Gunther-Segal


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