Refresh Your Home Design Easily & Often with Flexible Room Style

When it comes to your home, there are few things more
exciting than a style refresh. With seemingly endless supplies of design
inspiration, the options are limitless.

Back to back to back room makeovers, however, can leave both you and your wallet feeling drained. Fortunately, there are simple ways to regularly overhaul your style without completely gutting your space, or your bank account:

Rethink Your Layout

When your room style needs a refresh, swapping the placement
of your furniture and artwork can be as impactful as replacing them.

Rearranging your furniture can transform the feel and flow
of a room and can open up space you didn’t realize you had. However, if space
is truly tight, simply pulling bulky furniture a few inches off the wall can
create the illusion of openness.

Similarly, even your most vibrant wall décor staples can lose their impact. Over time, our brain stops registering items in familiar places, so give your artwork back its oomph by swapping its placement! For additional wow-factor, consider painting or upgrading your frames – especially if your pieces can take up more real estate in their new spot.

Room Style Tip - Rearrange Your Artwork
Source: Vincent Rivaud, Pexels
Refresh your room style by rearranging your art and furniture!
The results can be dramatic.

Introduce a Style Focal Point

When it comes to frequent style updates, less is often more. For maximum impact with minimal effort, focus your efforts on a central feature. This could be a new piece of furniture or art, a feature wall, or a unifying color or pattern throughout.

If you’re constantly experimenting with home design, peel and stick wallpaper is a must. Easy to both install and remove quickly without damaging your walls, peel and stick wallpaper enables you to update your room frequently and hassle-free! And with tons of options to choose from, there’s sure to be a print that completes your vision.

For flexible room style swaps, create a dedicated feature
wall for peel and stick wallpaper; when inspiration strikes, you have the
perfect primed canvas for swapping patterns and building your new look.

Choosing a focal point not only creates immediate impact,
but also allows you to be more strategic with overall room styling. Pull
secondary colors from your feature or add dimension to a dominant color palette
with home décor. Textural contrast adds complexity to interior design; consider
incorporating complimentary metallics, woods, textiles, and patterns to extend
the impact of your room feature.

Which brings us to our next suggestion…

Upgrade Your Accents

Room Style Tip - Create Accent Groupings
Source: Kaboompics, Pexels

When shifting styles, your accent pieces may no longer fit the new vibe. Reuse what you can, but to truly embody the new look, you’ll likely need new décor.

For maximum impact, think accent groupings, with odd-numbered groupings being more dynamic and visually appealing than even numbers. Three tends to strike the right balance of enhancing your style without feeling cluttered, but play around with this! Depending on the size of your accents and the space they occupy, you might like more, or less.

Item groupings should share a common theme, but items should differ slightly to ensure the blend is interesting. For instance, your accents might share a color palette, but vary in shape, size, and material.

Bringing in new décor doesn’t have to cost top dollar,
either. Antique stores and flea markets can offer hidden gems that add unique
character to your space. Better yet, breathe new life into vintage pieces by
repurposing them for one-of-a-kind flair. For example, transform ornate picture
frames into stylish serving trays or open shelving for some personalized wow

Pro-Tip: Maximize Style Update Ease with a Neutral Base

Changing your room’s style is easiest when starting with a
neutral foundation. Your walls are your largest surface, and they set the tone
for your overall design. The more neutral your walls, the easier it is to make
significant style transitions without completely overhauling your space.

Now, we’re not saying that bold colors or wallpapers prevent
you from revamping your room’s style; that couldn’t be further from the truth.
However, if you’re looking to drastically change the character of your space with
small updates
, you may have a harder time. These tips will 100% help
bring new life to your interiors. Regular 180-degree style swaps, however,
could be harder to pull off.

Building a space where you can make simple, yet significant
style transitions might require an upfront investment. But if you love playing
with home design, renovating your walls makes long-term sense.

For the most flexible style baseline, we recommend neutral
walls. Neutral, however, does not have to mean boring! Nowadays, neutral can
encompass more than just earth tones – think subtle pinks and soft blues. And,
with a variety of warm and cool shades, you’re sure to find a hue with quiet flair.

A new coat of paint can instantly transform your space. To further
enhance your neutral color, consider pairing it with paintable wallpaper.
Paintable prints provide texture and depth, adding drama and dimension to more
muted hues.

wallpaper adds dimension and visual interest that paint alone can’t provide.
For a flexible design foundation, your best options are simple patterns or
textural-looking prints – again, in a neutral palette. Look for wallpapers,
like the options below, that can be easily paired with a wide array of colors
and room features:

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