Mini Felt Flower Hoop Wall Hanging

Spring is almost here and I have flowers on my mind! Specifically felt ones, since they’re so pretty to look at and won’t wilt. Bring a touch of spring to your decor by making this mini hoop DIY floral decor. Read on to find out how easy it is to make – and no need for a cutting machine!

Supplies needed to make your own DIY floral decor:

  • Felt Sheets
  • Embroidery Hoop (I used a 6″ Hoop)
  • Scissors
  • Pom Poms
  • Glue Gun
  • Canvas Fabric

Step 1. Insert a piece of canvas onto your embroidery hoop, pulling it taut before putting the outer ring back and tightening it. Trim the excess fabric with a pair of scissors.

Step 2. To create the big flower, first cut a circle and cut four slits on it as shown on the photo below.

Step 3.  Shape and cut the petals – first round the edges of each ‘petal’ before adding a wave effect reminiscent of how a real flower looks like.

Step 4. Dab a bit of hot glue on the center bottom of each petal and pinch to shape.

Step 5. Now let’s create a middle – I used pompoms to create a cluster for the center, however you can use different centers too to create different looking flowers. Glue the center to the middle of the flower petals.

Step 6. To create a fuller effect, I repeated steps 2-4 to create a second flower petal base and glued that to the back of my flower.

Step 7.  Now let’s try a different flower! Cut 6-7 petals by first cutting a rectangle and cutting out the petal shapes. For the center, cut a strip of felt and cut slits similar to the photo below. To assemble, roll the center on itself and glue the end to prevent it from unraveling. Glue the petals one by one around the center, making sure one overlaps the other.

Step 8. To create smaller and cuter flowers, repeat step 1, but on a smaller circle this time, and round the edges of the petals. Create a center similar to step 7 but with less slits. Assemble it by rolling the center and gluing it onto the center of the flower base.

Step 9.  Create filler flowers or alternate centers by cutting a strip of felt, folding it in half lengthwise and gluing the edges down before cutting slits similar to steps 7 and 8. Roll it on itself and glue the edge to secure.

Step 10. To create mini rosettes, cut a strip of felt, and cut a wavy line on the top as shown in the photo. Roll it tightly on itself and glue the edge to secure.

Step 11. To easily create leaves, just fold a piece of felt and freehand cut half of the leaf shape so you have the same shaped sides when you unfold it.

Step 12. Now it’s time to assemble your piece! It’s best to start by mapping out how you would like it to look first so you can see if you need to create more flowers or leaves. I like starting with the biggest flower first, working my way down to the smaller flowers, the leaves and then the fillers.

Step 13. To fill any awkward spaces, I glued some felt ball clusters on the empty spaces. And it’s done!

This DIY floral decor piece does come together quite fast and it’s very enjoyable to create. You can also add touches of gold by adding some heat transfer vinyl onto felt before cutting it out, but I thought this simple color palette was perfect on its own.

I created this little piece of DIY floral decor for my daughter’s nursery, but they can be displayed anywhere! Size it up to create a stunner, or make a smaller one to gift to family and friends.

diy floral decor hoop consumer craftsWhat colors would you make this piece with?

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