Metal and Canvas Heart Wall Hanging

I’m a neutral-loving gal and with Valentines coming up, I thought I would whip up some neutral-colored and simple wall hangings that I can display in my house. This little number ended up on my front door. See how easy it is to create this metal and canvas heart decorations DIY wall hanging. There’s no die-cutting machine needed!

Supplies needed to make your own heart decorations DIY wall hanging:

  • Metal Square Shape
  • Canvas or Muslin Fabric
  • Jute, Twine or Cotton Cord
  • Pom Pom Trim
  • Iron
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Heat Transfer Vinyl
  • Scissors

Step 1. First, measure a piece of canvas to see how you would like it to fit on your metal shape. For mine, I used an 11″ x 15″ piece, accounting for the seams I would like to fold on the sides.

Step 2. Fold and hot glue the seams to create a clean edge on both long sides of the fabric.

Step 3. Now, attach the fabric onto the frame, folding one unhemmed side and hot gluing that down. On the other side, make sure you pull the fabric taut before folding and attaching the other side of the canvas.

Step 4. Now you have a basic metal and canvas frame. Now to decorate it!

Step 5. I chose a simple gold heart for mine as I wanted a minimalist look this heart decorations DIY project. Simply cut your shape from a piece of heat transfer vinyl in the color of your choice! If you want a more traditional color scheme use pink or red for the heart.

Step 6. Center the heart design and iron it down. Make sure the heart is ironed down well before attempting to remove the carrier sheet.

Step 7. Peel the carrier sheet off of the heart – you know that it’s stuck well and good when you can see the fiber pattern of the fabric on your heat transfer.

Step 8. I added some pompom trim to mine to match the rest of the decor in my house – and to make it more fun! You can keep it simple by omitting the pom pom trim or use traditional colors such as red or pink.

HOT TIP: If you are planning to use red or pink for the heart, use the other color for the trim!

Step 9. Tie a piece of string on either side of the top part of the metal frame and you are done!

This fun metal and canvas wall hanging not only lends interesting textures to your decor but it’s pretty customizable to what you like too. Add some text if you have a die-cutter and personalize it with your own quote! Do you decorate for Valentines day, too? 

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Aki is an avid DIY-er, crafter and designer. She loves trying out new craft materials, processes, and learning about new ideas. She has a passion for designing printed material as well, from free cards, wallpapers and party items. Follow her crafty adventures over at where she shares DIY tutorials and free printables.

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