Chic and Quick Easter Home Decor Ideas

Easter is hopping right around the corner! And can Easter ever be mentioned without it bringing forth thoughts of bunnies and bright, yet soft hues of blue, green, and yellow? There’s also more to Easter than just painting eggs and putting cheerful flowers in vases — it’s actually a holiday that can be very great for expressing your more creative side! And with these Easter inspired home accessories, you don’t have to sacrifice style. So get ready to breathe in that Easter glee into your space with these home decor ideas!


Easter Colors

This almost already goes without saying — bright and cheerful colors are almost synonymous to Easter. We recommend our Easter Chevron Removable Wallpaper to easily incorporate these beautiful colors in to your home. Our Easy Stripe wall decals are another simple alternative if you want to make a bold and bright holiday statement. It comes in almost any color you can imagine, including Easter favorites like baby pink, yellow, blue, and teal. And with such an extensive pallet to choose from this season, the possibilities for your Easter home decor are endless!





Is there anything more symbolic of Easter than bunnies? And if you wanted to skip out on the bright hues but still wanted a feel of that Easter spirit, you can opt to decorate with these friendly bunnies instead! Instantly add a touch of festiveness with our Legend of The Jackalope Shower Curtain and our Lucky Rabbit Fleece Throw. Such simple yet stunning additions to your home are sure to wow your guests into that joyful Easter fever.





Although this theme works well for almost every season, it is especially charming when paired with Easter elements. The cozy chic of rustic mixed with the bright and high spirits of the holiday creates an atmosphere that is both familiar and warm — definitely one reminiscent of time spent with friends and family. And our Wood Texture Floral Wall Mural and Purple Flowers Tapestry are perfect for adding that subtle but splendid backdrop that will make this year’s Easter festivities with your loved ones extra special!





Flowers have a special significance during Easter — and nothing quite screams “Spring!” like beautiful blooms do. This lovely touch is also a welcome and vibrant change from the moody hues of Fall and Winter. Want an instant upgrade into the season’s spirits? Our Colibri Birds and Flowers Duvet Cover is perfect with its soft pinks and vibrant turquoises. It’s a no-fuss way to inject that distinct homey feeling that you only get during Easter. And with all the fun-packed festivities going on, don’t forget to give yourself some much needed rest! Kick your feet up and relax with our Blossom on Green Pouffe — because is there honestly a better way to enjoy Easter than in stylish comfort?



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