3 Creative Ways to Add Personality to Your Home

Decorating your home is often done from the perspective of “How do I wow my house guests?” But if you’re being completely honest, isn’t it all a waste if at the end of the day, your own house doesn’t wow you? Because as important as it is for your home to be appealing and popular to other people, it’s also important for it to reflect and celebrate those who dwell in it — you and your family. Be able to combine the two and you’re well on your way to achieving #DreamHomeGoals!

So let us show you how to add personality to your home and make sure your home isn’t only a hit to you and your family, but to your friends and Instagram followers as well! 😉


Play Around With Shades & Patterns


A great way to add personality to your home without “oversharing” or overdoing it is through colors and patterns. No two shades or two patterns are the same, much like us individuals. And your options to show off your unique personality are endless! A boldly patterned wallpaper or a stunning mural can be used as subtle but striking shows of your unique and quirky self. Still not convinced? Perhaps our most-loved Wallgazer Kelsey Bang’s Bathroom and Loft DIY deck outs can help with that.


Include A Gallery Wall



A gallery wall is a thoughtfully curated collection of artworks, photographs, or other mementos and knick-knacks — definitely a foolproof way to add personality to your home. And if there’s a more ideal way to make your space more you (i.e. COOL), we doubt it’s been invented yet. But if you feel like being extra, we might be able to help you express more of your creative personality here.


Put The Spotlight On Your Interests By Using Open Shelving




A wonderful opportunity to show off your interesting personality is by going for the open shelving trend. You start out with a set of shelves, and pretty much the only other step is to find pieces in varying shapes, colors and sizes that showcase how awesome you are. This trick not only helps you highlight bits of yourself but also injects visual pop into your space. Quickly add personality to your home by using books to figurines, works of art to other little ornaments, anything that puts your interests, hobbies, and passions on display.

Infusing personality into your interiors can be as easy as playing with colors and shapes, and it’s definitely rewarding! Because who wouldn’t want a space that reflects your awesome self and can also inspire and wow your guests? We say HECK YES!

Hungry for more ways to sprinkle life and add personality to your home? Find out how you can splash color onto your space without paint (and the mess that comes with it!) here.


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